Open positions

More or less continuously, students do their diploma works with us. As a rule, this implies participating in a well confined part of a live research project. As with PhD students, we strive to provide ample supervision to promote progress, yet offer an appropriate challenge and allow for independence to develop. For the time being, four student positions are avialable:

Inbäddade system med programmerbara moduler (i.e. embedded systems with programmabale modules) for use in applications such as OCOM, SDTM and DADU. Please contact Greger Thornell at, +46-18-471 71 26, for details.

Metal Optics Near the Plasma Frequency with Periodic Boundary Conditions in the Reflect Arrays project. Please contact the Project Manager Greger Thornell at, +46-18-471 71 26, for details.

Högtemperaturmaterial-MEMS in a recently started high-temperature material MEMS project. Please contact Fredric Ericson at, +46-18-471 30 90, for details.

For other soon vacant positions, please contact Greger Thornell,

Guest researchers and post docs with a relevant interest and their own funding are, as always, welcome to join the group for a shorter or longer period. Please send your CV and declaration of interest to Greger Thornell at

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